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Chocolate Fondant


 Weight / pkt : 200gm

 Pkt / Ctn : 12Box

 m3 / Ctn : 

 Barcode : 

KANIKA CLASSIC FRENCH CHOCOLATE FONDANT is a variation of a French product that is selected by Kanika due to its great texture and wonderful taste that speaks premium for itself. This Chocolate Fondant is the essential star of your dessert menu. It has a remarkably intense chocolate flavour (22.4%) and all the melting texture of a superbly runny chocolate centre. This simple, natural product is made using superior quality ingredients (butter, eggs, flour, milk and sugar) and is guaranteed to be free of palm oil, artificial colours and preservatives. Chocolate Fondants are easy to prepare in both a traditional oven and in the microwave, meaning you can ensure perfect service. They come in individual 100g portions so you can easily manage your cost per diner. This sensational dessert for all lovers of fine foods can be eaten hot or cold as a plated dessert or during gourmet coffee breaks.